Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Nice Have Balls and Dream

This entry is in response to a comment I made on Facebook. After spending the morning at a conference about leadership, I heard some fantastic stories. I thought the speakers, the setting, and everything was great! However, I guess I am getting somewhat cynical in my old the half day that I attended, there was not much, if any reference to faith, or God's role in the success of these leaders. Great analogies for sure. Linda..."think small-be nice--(it can come back to you)", John..."Dream" (a safe book to write), Kevin..."follow your passion" (Red Rubber Balls), and Tony..."Look to yourself" (?). Again, I was just their for a half day--but what was the focus? Teaching points for us to learn from the pros on leadership? (If so, from the part I heard, there was not much acknowledgement of the role faith played.)

Listen. I am growing but guilty of the same thing. I don't stand for my brand as well as I should. I hope God sees me as a work in progress--and I certainly can not cast any stones. I just think that we as people and as a country are missing the focus. At our office we try to practice an idea we call "absolute function". Absolute function is something that works--all components work together and no one part fails the test. In the ad business we can design a great ad, have it on- time, and on-budget, but show the client's phone number wrong and "we fail". We could have the best ad copy, everything could be correct, on-time and on-budget, but the design is not creative enough to stop the reader and grab their attention...and guess what - "we fail".

All I am saying is in the world we live in today we better get back to Jesus. We can still use the balls, the dreams and the stories, but will only get true success when the focus is on Christ, and the order puts Christ first. I know, I know, I know--this may sound deep and extreme--but it is the simple fact. If the measuring stick for Maximum Impact was selling seats and promoting books, I would say it was a great success.

Please don't take this the wrong way. I am just a regular guy (without a book deal) sharing his feelings....and that's all.

Peace. & Thanks!

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Yoda said...

I just want to say AMEN!! It is time we all speak up and give thanks to God for giving us the wisdom to manage a business. Our business began in 2000 and we prayed and asked God to guide every decision and we have continued that process.

There has been accounts "we desired" and sometimes we didn't understand why we couldn't get the contract. A few months later we would see where that business closed and then we understand that in a spiritual way we were being protected.

A faith based business still has to work very hard, but we have a wonderful power pack inside us.

Brenda L. Hudson
Hudson-Gillmor Associates