Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky

Have you ever heard of a little hamburger chain called "Burger King"? I had the opportunity this week to meet with Andrew Keller, the Creative Director at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky—the firm that currently handles the creative for Burger King. They are also known for their work with Volkswagen, BMW Mini, and Microsoft Windows.

I was pretty blown away by their huge facility that exuded creativity and employee perks. They had a concierge on staff, as well as an "extreme concierge" where you could take out a couple dirt bikes and go ride the trails before your a.m. meeting. Have a flat tire or need a repair—just drop it off, and it will be ready for you when you leave. It seemed like the Disneyland of creative agencies. The motif was very raw-industrial, and the place was swarming with ideas. Ideas where stuck everywhere! People where everywhere—the place was packed with over 500 creative employees. It was a cross between a rich-kids tree house, and a super-sized college dorm room. (I say this in a favorable manner.)

Lots of young people, mountain bikes all over the place, girls walking by with their dogs, and people meeting in small groups with laptops and whiteboards. As I sat down in Andrew's office he pressed a button and two translucent garage doors silently closed behind me. It was pretty cool. As my eleven year old son would say, it was "sick nasty"! Out of all the cool and creative things I was exposed to, the coolest thing was that a total stranger, at the top of his game would spare an hour or so out of his busy schedule to talk a little shop with me. I believe Andrew had just gotten back from Paris the morning of my visit and was headed to New York later that day.

I have often been somewhat cynical on this blog, but today it feels right to just be thankful. It was a great experience, and I am truly thankful for my friends (and neighbors) Bryant and Carol Spann, who made the connection—and for Andrew Keller who shared his time.

Be good to someone today.

Peace. & Thanks!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hey Apple!

I am a "Mac" and have been a "Mac" for a long time. The new OS for the iPhone is terrible! My 3g has never been the same since I upgraded the OS, and apparently I can't go back. Since I upgraded the OS it has been sluggish to answer calls, sluggish on apps, and drops calls like crazy. It sounds like the only solution is to upgrade to a new phone, which I may have to do. That might be great for Apple in the short term, but what is going to happen when guys like me won't pump up their products anymore? I hope they are thinking about that...It won't show up on any studies in the short term, but could bite them in the butt over the long term.

I have raved about Apple forever, but those fuzzy feelings deep down in my gut, are getting ready to come back up! It's not pretty.

Come on Apple! I am all for making a profit, and a good sales strategy...but if you think you are going to string us along on your gadget-magic, and bypass the excellent quality you have provided us over the years, you are sadly mistaken.