Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Copper Mining Research - Tucson

Today I visited a client and learned the ins and outs of their office, and spent a good bit of time learning about copper mining. After learning that a tire on a dump truck that carries 300,000 tons of dirt cost over $40,000 per tire, and each truck has 6 tires that need replaced twice a year--I am going to take the next couple of days to brainstorm how to change careers. LOL

Getting Priorities Straight (Bahamas)

Everyone has to have priorities. And a couple weeks ago I blew-off work and spent some great time with my biggest priorities. Just about everyone in my extended family spent time on a cruise together, and it was awesome. (Special thanks to the guys in my office who allow me to vacation worry-free.)

This trip to the Bahamas was a true blessing, and a real blast! I often spread myself too thin, and this time together with my wife and kids was just what the doctor ordered. I often struggle with prioritizing my time with family, church, work, recreation, friends, etc. I like to commit to everything, which often leads to overbooking, and under-delivering.

I am sure there is more struggle to be had--but what doesn't kill you, will hopefully make you better. (If it does kill me please note that I had a blast in the Bahamas with my most important clients, my family. Also, Chriss and Tonya at National Travel our Godsends! If you're ever in a jam and need to swim with Dolphins - they can work some good travel mojo!)

Me with my boss and her assistants—in the Bahamas