Friday, September 3, 2010

Hey Apple!

I am a "Mac" and have been a "Mac" for a long time. The new OS for the iPhone is terrible! My 3g has never been the same since I upgraded the OS, and apparently I can't go back. Since I upgraded the OS it has been sluggish to answer calls, sluggish on apps, and drops calls like crazy. It sounds like the only solution is to upgrade to a new phone, which I may have to do. That might be great for Apple in the short term, but what is going to happen when guys like me won't pump up their products anymore? I hope they are thinking about that...It won't show up on any studies in the short term, but could bite them in the butt over the long term.

I have raved about Apple forever, but those fuzzy feelings deep down in my gut, are getting ready to come back up! It's not pretty.

Come on Apple! I am all for making a profit, and a good sales strategy...but if you think you are going to string us along on your gadget-magic, and bypass the excellent quality you have provided us over the years, you are sadly mistaken.

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