Monday, March 30, 2009

Burger Kings and Queens

A good friend of mine (Ed Jackson) always says if you want to be King, you need to treat your wife like a Queen. Sounds like pretty good advice. I think the same could apply with Burger King in general, "if you want to be the Burger "King", treat your customers as if they were the Queen. "How you are", defines "who you are". Make good food and treat people right, and you will be the "King". Get greedy and deceptive and you're likely to lose your throne.

This weekend I noticed that when you order a small coffee at Burger King you are actually getting a medium...and a medium is actually the large. Their small is "the 12 oz" coffee. So, naturally people communicating their request for a small coffee are getting duped and up-sold without their knowledge. Pretty disappointing, but I guess I am not surprised.

I can remember our President (Clinton) defining the definition of "is". Banks define the definition of "Totally Free Checking" (which is not really free), and now Burger King (and probably others) are redefining "small coffee". All for a few extra coins...

Can't we just say what we mean, and mean what we say anymore? A man can't even buy a simple cup of coffee without getting screwed by another man trying to make a few more pennies. What have we done to ourselves?

I hope you get two things from this entry. 1. Treat people how you want to be treated, and 2. when you want a small coffee at Burger King ask for the "12oz coffee" (it will save you a few pennies).

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