Tuesday, September 29, 2009

News Bummer

I am a conservative guy, with a pretty conservative viewpoint, but I have had it with the news media. It is no longer news but spin. Spin for ratings and personal agendas. It is a joke. I am so tired of the combination of entertainment / political spin. Just give me the news and keep your personal feelings to yourself. I don't want entertainment, I don't want feel good about my viewpoint, I don't want propaganda—I just want the news! I am tired of Fox and flipped over to MSNBC, and got the same crap from a different angle. What a bummer.

I love staying informed—but I am done with TV news. If these guys were musicians, I'd say, "shut up and sing"! (I am not a big fan of musicians spewing their politics either.)

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SmalPhri said...

Try http://www.drudgereport.com/ These guys at least attempt to offer just news.

The news is comprised of what a reporter cares about. 99% of news will A: never effect you and B: if it does you wouldn't have had the means to affect the outcome had you known about it before hand. Thus, in effect, all news is entertainment.