Friday, January 2, 2009

West Virginia Apple Buyer's Beware!

Growwwlllll! Hisss! Errrrrr!!!

I have purchased Apple computers for over 15 years. Very rarely do they break. BUT, when they do, don't look to Apple for any help if you live in West Virginia. Now that we don't have any authorized technicians, you will have to hand carry your desktop systems to the nearest provider (Roanoke or Columbus). The guys I dealt with at Applecare (which I have religiously supported over the years), have really let me down. After 4 or 5 calls where I thought we were making progress——I got shut down after they told me that they don't accept shipping of desktop units for repair. (--Would have been nice to know during the first 5 conversations we had about shipping the unit back.)

What a great resource for West Virginia business owners who use their product. Maybe there should be a new caveat..."AppleCare, cares...unless you live in West Virginia."

I would imagine Apple makes a pretty penny on all the AppleCare they sell. After this experience, I will certainly think twice before purchasing additional support help from Apple.


Jens K. said...

Sorry to hear that Apple did let you down, Steve.

AMShowen said...

Don't get me wrong, I love my Macbook, but I've replaced the hard drive twice and both times it crashed nothing could be recovered. And I've only had the computer for 18 months. The only good thing is the university IT center put a new hard drive in the same day. So I sort of feel your pain. Almost.